Eyes Wide Open (Mp3)


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1. Trailer Made
2. Ride It Out
3. Eyes Wide Open
4. Show Some Respect
5. Hometown, USA
6. Chick-A-Boom
7. Another Whiskey Sunday
8. Burn That Bridge
9. I Should Have Danced
10. Won’t Be Fast Enough
11. Picks In A Pocket
12. Crazy Enough
13. Too Far Gone
14. Say You Will
15. Till Further Notice
16. Do It


Award winning artist Rowdy McCarran has built quite a name for himself in his hometown of Las Vegas, NV, and, he is now parlaying that success in the Music City of Nashville, TN. Rowdy’s music has been featured on FOX5 KVVU-TV, ABC KTNV, and he has also worked with the radio stations 95.5 The Bull, 102.7 The Coyote and 92.3 KOMP.

rowdy-4His talent has allowed him to be chosen as best artist for the 2012, 2013 and 2015 National Finals Rodeo. He has been billed with country artists: Parmalee, Jack Ingram, Brett Eldredge, Love & Theft, Aaron Watson, Sarah Darling and has been asked to be the pre and post party entertainment for Chris Stapleton, Randy Travis and Kenny Rogers.

Rowdy’s debut album, “Eyes Wide Open”, was recorded at the home of Jason Aldean, his twenty #1 hits, and the likes of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert. The musical director for this project is Chris Leuzinger (Musician’s Hall of Fame, Garth Brooks) and he has helped orchestrate sixteen powerful songs into an album that has turned many an ear in Nashville. Edward R. Salamon, who was dubbed country radio’s most influential programmer while programming WHN, New York, heard the album and has said that the recordings, “Trailer Made”, “Show Some Respect”, “Won’t Be Fast Enough” and “Do It” are “career launching songs”.  And from Chuck Dauphin of Billboard Magazine, “In an age when one country singer tends to sound like another, Rowdy McCarran offers a distinctive style that sets him apart from the pack. Songs like “Ride It Out” and “Picks In A Pocket” show me a talent that is all his own… and he’s country! What a concept!”

The introduction of “Eyes Wide Open” live, was a showcase in a 500 seat casino showroom which had every seat filled and included standing room only in the wings. The success of this show has already allowed Rowdy’s music to be added to independent and internet country radio programs, you can hear the music in country line dance variety shows, and even at local baseball games.

Come, hear and see the fun that is Rowdy McCarran.

Country and Bluegrass America’s Music review: “This is a great album chock full of good songs, both ballad and rocking country. If you like ballads checkout “Show Some Respect”, “I Should Have Danced” and “Say You Will”. If you like some rocking country then “Trailor Made”, “Eyes Wide Open”, “Chick A Boom”, “Burn That Bridge” and “Won’t Be Fast Enough” are the ones you really need to listen to. Great album, looking forward to more music from Rowdy…”

A purchaser’s review: “Real rocking country from the heart! Rowdy’s album is a stunning collection of crafted songs embracing all your favourite country themes and packaged in foot-tapping uptempo rythms and searing guitar riffs. Rowdy and his band are crowd favourites on the rodeo circuit and this album is filled with fizz, energy and raw life and Rowdy’s uniquely gritty vocal style blending summer grass and trail grit. I first became aware of the album when I heard that it featured a song by one of my favourite Nashville writers. I got the initial mp3 download and it became a firm favourite on the car speakers. I have had to wait a little while for it to appear in physical CD format but boy it was worth it.

16 gloriously high octane tracks in all, any of which could be a single in its own right. It takes us on an emotional journey into country life in time and location, starting out with the slightly ironic and uplifting “Trailer Made,” featuring earthy red-neck guitar and telling the story of a real rough diamond knight of the road. Following this “Ride It Out” rolls straight into ‘Bro Country’ territory, with a bottle, a girl and a storm, raw elemental guitar and a truck to ride it out in, but there is a keen quality in the writing that lifts it above the commonplace party-in-a-truck offering. And that is true of all the tracks here – no self indulgent or hackneyed songs, the lyrics are all first class and transport us into stories and life experiences which are real and fresh.

But it isn’t all thrashing rock, there is nostalgia (and a bit of country fiddle) in “Hometown” (“when life broke down, mam and dad could fix it..”), the bitter sweet of shyness and missed opportunities in the beautiful “I Should Have Danced.” Other tracks feature teen love and the hostility between dad and boyfriend in “Too Far Gone,” an elegaic call to stand back, reflect and acknowledge our debts in the excellent “Show Some Respect” and we have Rowdy’s version of the classic romantic love song with the anthemic “Say You Will,”- one to get the arms waving and the lighters out. There is nothing mushy or middle of the road about anyone these and they all crackle with the dynamics of underlying country rock rhythms. “Till Further Notice”is one track that really rips along rolling up the themes of “9 to 5” and “Hunting, Fishing..” All the others tracks not listed here are equally as good and all reflect a different aspect of the country experience.

Country music is blasting a fresh highway out of dirt tracks and, for me, Rowdy’s album is a match for anything on that new road. I love it and if you have any country in your soul I believe you will too.” – AS.


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