Alone With You (CD)


Jordan Mogey

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1 Alone With You
2 If There’s A God In heaven
3 Big River
4 Don’t You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me?
5 Have You Ever Seen The Rain
6 I don’t Need A Thing At All
7 It Was Jesus
8 Still Belong To You
9 That’s Why I Love Trains
10 Tender Years
11 Train Of Love
12 Weekend Cowboys

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Who Is Jordan Mogey?
Take a little bit of Cash, mix it with a dash of Merle, a healthy sprinkling of Hank and maybe a little look of Buddy. Then, ask him to sing and watch the audience reaction. Gasp is the general audible reaction as this deep, resonantly warm tone wraps itself around songs from a bygone age reminding us of our love for those timeless classics. Match this with a catalogue of self-penned future marvels and you have maybe half the reason behind this 22 year old Irishman’s rise and rise in the Country music firmament.
Jordan Mogey from Ballymoney Co Antrim, has gained recognition across the board as Ireland’s next huge musical export, but in a genre that has surprised many. “Throwback”, “Retro-cool” and “Antique chic” are all labels which have been attached to Jordan Mogey’s performances. With a voice and talent which would not have been out of place at that seminal session at Sun Records, Jordan’s latest tours saw him in the U.K. and as far as Sri Lanka where standing ovations were the order of the day, or more correctly night!

This meteoric upwards thrust has seen Jordan sign with a new management team and agree an album deal with the pro-active label ISG Records. Jordan’s self-released “Alone with You” album has sold very well in the past ten months, ISG Records will be licensing for worldwide distribution.

Jordan has also been accepted into the International Songwriters Guild and already one of his songs “Changing Lanes” has just become the title track of Mary Duff’s landmark new release. His song writing prowess has not gone un-noticed in Nashville with two top producers requesting to hear his catalogue and writing alliances are being formed.Many have complimented artists such as Chris Stapleton, Josh Turner etc. for returning Country to its roots. Well folks, here is the super Irish fertiliser that will make those roots blossom.

The name on the tin is JORDAN MOGEY! …listen here:


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