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Mary Duff at ISG Records



New single “Mr Noble” from the album “Changing Lanes”
-available for download from 1st April 2016

“Beautiful…just beautiful” – Garth Brooks


Run by musicians for musicians





It’s been a while since something fresh and innovative came into the music business.

ISG Music Group Ltd was officially formed and incorporated in the UK in 2015. ISG Music Group includes the original ISG (songbank), ISG records, ISG Production and ISG Management. In essence, ISG is creating a vertically integrated opportunity for artists and songwriters. Our intention is to regenerate a physical market for CDs whilst keeping up to date with digital downloads, music streaming and all new technologies.

ISG Music Group’s directors come from musical and songwriting backgrounds and our philosophy is to operate a fair trade business with the strapline “run for musicians, by musicians”.

ISG Music Group

“Run by musicians, for musicians”

An old adage maybe, but in our case it’s true!
ISG Records

ISG Records

ISG are now breaking the mould and launching an exciting new “fair trade “ concept into the record business. Initially focusing on the Irish and country market, but able to embrace new opportunities as they arise.

ISG Song Bank
ISG Songbank

ISG Song Bank

ISG supports as many international as Irish members and feeds music both ways across the Atlantic. There are now over 1,500 songs in the ISG “song bank” and over 130 members.

ISG Productions
ISG Production

ISG Productions

ISG Productions can handle all elements of production from concept through to audio master and on to duplication. We can also handle video promotion in-house. We have studios in both UK and Spain and have the cream of session players and producers to call upon. Following our ISG “fair trade” policy, we endeavour to provide finished master quality media maintaining exceptionally fair rates.

ISG Management
ISG Management

ISG Management

Looking for Promotion? Howard Dee is your man. His contact list looks like the Who’s Who of media. Howard’s promo team provides radio and TV commercials, traditional press, social media, mailouts, shows, record shop signings and more. Howard’s knowledge can also provide a wealth of support and business skills, allowing artists to concentrate more fully on their music, knowing that the promotion side is being professionally handled.

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